The Best Version Of Myself

Whenever a foot compares itself to a yard it always comes up short!

This is a line that I heard on the 90’s sitcom Home Improvement.  It was said by Wilson, Tim Allan’s wise next door neighbor.  Wilson had a lot of great one-liners in the shows history, but I think this was him at his best.  We compare ourselves to other people all of the time, and it is never a good idea.  It is our competitive nature though, we just can’t help it.

I am sure that after Tim got this great advice from neighbor Wilson, that he then messed it up when explaining it to his wife.  If you have ever seen the show then you know that is probably what happened.  Hopefully he did get the point though.  The only person we should be comparing ourselves to is the person that we used to be.  Are we better today than we were yesterday?  Are we better this month than we were last month.  Sometimes comparing ourselves to others means setting ourselves up to fail, but we can always succeed in improving ourselves.

I have been training for Worlds Toughest Mudder since the end of May.  It is less than a week a way now, and I am getting more and more excited for it.  I would be lying if I said that over the past 6 months I havn’t fantasized about standing on the podium at the end as one of the top three finishers.  To earn the title of “Worlds Toughest Mudder” would be incredible!  In reality though this is my first event like this.  I have ran a handful of half marathons since May, but never a race longer than that.  The top three finishers at this event will all probably run over 100 miles in the 24 hour period.  The elite athletes who will compete to place in this event, have probably all completed multiple races that are far longer than I have ever even attempted.  I believe that anything can be accomplished with hard work, but I also know I can’t compare myself to those athletes yet!  So what are my expectations?  What do I plan to accomplish?

My main goal is to keep going and stay active the whole 24 hours.  Between 10am Saturday and 10am Sunday, I know there will be many times when the voices in my head try to encourage me to call it quits.  My body is going to begin to hurt, and when things get tough I want to be strong enough mentally to push through!  If I can do that then no matter what the outcome is I will be able to hold my head high!

Does your training resemble what you are training for?

I have always believed that you compete like you practice.  If you slack off or are lazy in practice, you will do the same thing in your competition.  So train hard!

To be best prepared, your training should also always look like what you’re training for.  I have been training since May for a 24 hour obstacle course.  I have been doing a lot of running, swimming, and resistance training.  What else have I done?  How did I prepare for 24 hours of crawling, climbing, jumping, running…etc.?

Check out the video:  Worlds Toughest Mudder Training