Are you mentally ready to overcome the most frustrating obstacles?

I love doing obstacle races for both the physical and mental training that they provide.  All of us face our own Obstacles on a regular basis.  Everyday we are tested with different challenges.  When life gets challenging it is up to us on how we respond.  We can either give up or keep fighting.  I believe that every time you overcome an obstacle you become stronger. Some obstacles are challenging physically, but all of them can be tough mentally.  Thanks to some inspiration I got from a fellow tough mudders post, here are a few unconventional training methods to help become mentally ready to overcome even the most frustrating obstacles.
1. Accept a call from a telemarketer.  Do not buy or donate anything, but stay on the phone with him as long as possible.  Keep asking questions until he hangs up on you.

2. Go to the DMV and wait in line.  Once you finally reach the front of the line, turn around and go back to the back of the line. Repeat this 4 times.

3. As you are getting ready for work put your shoes on before you put your pants on.  If you can get through this you can get through anything!

4. Go to your favorite pizza place and order your favorite pizza.  After you order, take 20 dollars over to the jukebox and select “It’s not Unusual”, by Tom Jones as many times as $20 allows (any Tom Jones song will work).  You can not eat your pizza until after either all of the It’s not Unusuals have been played, or management turns off the jukebox.

These 4 Unconventional training methods are sure to help you get mentally ready to overcome any obstacle!

Did you know there is an obstacle course in Overland Park called Warrior Challenge?

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Warrior Challenge

Warrior Challenge 2

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