Get Off Your BUTS!!

Everyone is capable of accomplishing great things, but we all still have our own obstacles that we face on a regular basis.  Recently I realized that there is one obstacle that all of us face.  It doesn’t matter where we live, how old we are, what nationality we are, what sexual orientation we are, how fit we are, how much money we have, or even what our religion is.  We all have the same limiting force that can take away all of our ability if we let it.  It’s the size of our but!  Some peoples buts are so big that they completely weigh them down!  (I’m talking about your “but” not your “butt”)

I would exercise more, but I don’t have enough time.
I would eat better, but I don’t know how.
I would grow a much more successful business, but it’s just too hard.

Sean Stephenson, a motivational speaker and American therapist, wrote a book titled Get Off Your BUTS.  It’s a great book about getting out of your own way.  In his book he says there are three types of BUTS.

First you have your BUT Fears.  This but always starts with but what if…But what if I fail?  But what if I look bad?
Second you have your BUT Excuses.  This but always starts with But I Don’t have the… (Time, money, resources…whatever it is that you think your lacking…and if you had it everything would be fine)
The third but is the worst but of all!  It’s your BUT Insecurities.  This but a
lways starts with But I’m not…But I’m not tall enough.  But I’m not fit enough.  But I’m not strong enough.

I know I have let these obstacles get the best of me a lot in my past, and I think that is why I gravitate towards challenges like the Worlds Toughest Mudder now!  I’ve always believed that the bigger the challenge the bigger the reward, and when you overcome a big obstacle it builds your confidence so much that you can overcome any other obstacle that gets in your way.

We let our buts hold us back all of the time!  We convince ourselves that are but is so big that it is impossible to overcome.  In reality it is just another obstacle, and all we have to do to overcome it is stand up!

Take a stand, and get off your buts!


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