When someone hires a personal trainer, he or she is usually fueled by short-term motivation. There is probably something coming up soon that is driving them to want results. Maybe it’s a couple who just got engaged and they want to look great for their wedding. Maybe someone has a cruise or vacation coming up and they want to look good in their swimsuit. Maybe there is a family reunion or a class reunion coming up and you’re going to be seeing people who last saw you when you were in much better shape, or another common one is that your birthday is coming up and you don’t want to feel old when you become a year older.

These are all pretty common short-term goals. Through the years we have helped hundreds of people reach goals like this. While it is rewarding to help someone reach these goals, a good trainer will learn that these short-term goals can never be my only focus. Let me explain why.

What do you think will happen after you reach these goals? Let’s say you have a big event coming up in about three months that you want to get in shape for. You hire a personal trainer to help you get some really fast results. You meet with your trainer and the two of you put your heads together and come up with a game plan.

To get these results you will have to work hard and you will be making a lot of sacrifices. You may have to get up earlier than you would like so that you can go workout before work. You will begin bringing your lunch to work everyday so you can have something healthy to eat, and meanwhile your co-workers will be eating pizza right in front of you. There may be some days where you are stressed and exhausted because of a tough day at work, but you will still have to find some energy to work out before your day is done. To make it even worse, you are no longer able to sleep in on your only day off because your trainer has been making you get up early to go to his boot camp.

For about three months you have to make all these sacrifices, which have all been a big change in your life. Fortunately, all the hard work pays off, and you get great results! When it comes time for your event, you have surpassed all the goals you set, and you look and feel great. Now the event is over. Do you think you will continue making all the sacrifices you made to get in shape for this event?

Our guess is that you probably won’t. We’re not saying that because we don’t think you can; you definitely have it in you to do it. You just proved you can do it by all the hard work you did leading up to your event.  You can do it if you want to. The reason we don’t think you will is because now your motivation is completely gone. All the motivation you had to make those sacrifices left once the event was over.

This is exactly how most people fall into the yo-yoing pattern of: I lose weight and then I put it back on … I get in great shape, then I fall out of shape … I get stronger, then I lose my strength … I had tons of energy and now I’m tired and depressed. Short-term goals give you only temporary motivation, and usually only temporary results. When we first became fitness professionals, we saw this yo-yoing pattern happen to many clients. Now we are wiser and more experienced.

At Priority Fitness, we will help you reach the goals that motivated you to come to us.  However, our number one goal is to help you Make Fitness a Priority for life.  During our time together we not only want to help you get results, but we also want to teach you the healthy habits that will allow you to maintain your success for the rest of your life.

At Priority Fitness, Your Fitness Is Our Priority!