The weight loss industry has become the shadiest industry there is. Why? Because we are so desperate for results that we are easy prey, and these companies are experts on preying on our insecurities.  

Here are a few tips to help you avoid falling for a weight loss scam:

  • Beware of claims that promise immediate or guaranteed weight loss. Products like pills, patches, or creams.
  • Beware of promises of success with little effort. Many scams claim that you will achieve great results without having to exercise or diet.
  • Beware of vaguely worded testimonials and fishy before and after photos. Testimonials should not be used as a substitute for scientific proof, and many before and after pictures are edited.
  • Many scams use celebrities to help promote their product. In pretty much every case, the celebrity was already fit and attractive before using the product. Just a reminder, being a celebrity does not make them an expert in health and wellness.
  • Some scams have deals for large advanced payment. (Buy three months for the price of one!, Third bottle free for first 200 purchasers, For a Limited time while supplies last!)
  • Free trials that require your credit card information. Make sure you read the cancellation policy thoroughly.
  • Watch out for buzz words such as “breakthrough,” “secret,” “exclusive,” “miraculous,” and phrases such as, “Doctors hate it, celebrities love it!,” “Trainers hate him,” or “quick tricks.”
  • Most ads will contain no facts, just misleading words or phrases such as:  “Breakthrough natural weight loss product,” “Magic weight loss pill,” “Lose weight the easy way without changing your diet,” or “Clinically proven to burn fat without exercising.”

Despite many lawsuits, thousands of reported scams and frauds remain active, with new ones popping up all the time. When it comes to weight loss products, it is wise to be skeptical. The only real solution is to avoid all the BS and advice from those who are not qualified to give it.  

If you really want to lose weight and make your health a priority, talk to an actual health and wellness professional. Unfortunately, there is no magic pill or easy button you can push to make you fit. Anyone can do it though. All you have to do is put in the work.