How Strong Is Your Pit Crew?

How Strong Is Your Pit Crew? I don't know if you've heard the news or not, but I am now a 3x World's Toughest Mudder Finisher!  In November of 2018 I once again completed this 24 hour obstacle race with my girlfriend, Jess Chadd, by my side as my pit crew.  This course is set up as a 5 mile loop with 26 obstacle on the course.  Competitors of this race are to repeat the 5 mile loop as many times as they can in 24 [...]

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F#@! New Year’s Resolution’s

F#@! New Year’s Resolution's That’s right you heard me, “F#@! New Year’s Resolutions!”  This is not an anti goal setting rant. Everybody should have goals and set goals regularly.  The purpose of this post is to take a stand against the negativity that comes with those three words, “New Year’s Resolutions.”  Have you ever heard a positive story about a person who successfully kept their New Years Resolution? Probably not. I bet you’ve heard at least a dozen stories about new year’s resolution fails though.   [...]

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