F#@! New Year’s Resolution’s

That’s right you heard me, “F#@! New Year’s Resolutions!”  This is not an anti goal setting rant. Everybody should have goals and set goals regularly.  The purpose of this post is to take a stand against the negativity that comes with those three words, “New Year’s Resolutions.”  Have you ever heard a positive story about a person who successfully kept their New Years Resolution? Probably not. I bet you’ve heard at least a dozen stories about new year’s resolution fails though.  

There is so much negativity around new years resolutions that most people refuse to make them at all. They feel it’s just a waste of time, that they are doomed to fail anyway, so why even bother.  They feel resolutions are just promises we make to ourselves every year and don’t follow through on. How sad is that? We don’t even believe the words coming out of our own mouths anymore.

Who determines our failure on the goals we set? If we miss one workout, or eat one thing that isn’t part of our plan, does that mean we’re failures? Are your standards for yourself really to be perfect?  If that is the case then I hate to have to tell you this, but your goals are unrealistic.

I admire and appreciate the belief you have in yourself to set the bar that high.  I attack most things in my life with a, “losing is not an option” mentality as well, but you have to give yourself a break. You are human and you are going to fail from time to time. But the story doesn’t have to end there.

Reaching your fitness goals (especially your long term ones) does not come without making mistakes.  No one can be expected to be perfect. You are human and mistakes are allowed.

I have good news though.  Failing is actually good. It is what makes us stronger and leads us to long term success.

Success doesn’t come by never failing. Success comes from learning how to get back on track every time you make a mistake. Failure does not define you, nor does it stop you from reaching your goals.  What defines you is how you respond after you fail.

Consistency = Success

Reaching long term goals, (like making fitness a priority for the rest of your life), takes being consistent with your fitness plan.  How do you stay consistent?  You keep checking in with yourself and hold yourself accountable.

Here is a motivating accountability project to do to keep yourself on track this year.
Step 1. Fill out this form:  A Letter To My Future Self
Step 2.  Put it in an envelope and seal it.
Step 3.  Open in the future to check in with yourself, and see if your still staying on track .  I recommend 4-6 months.


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