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Priority Fitness was named after a book written by it’s owner Chad Austin. Chad’s best selling book, “Make Fitness A Priority: How to win the fight against your excuses,” was created to help people change their mindset, so that they can stop starting over and start getting long term success. These days when someone hires a personal trainer he (or) she is usually fueled by short term motivation. There is something coming up in their lives that they want to get immediate results for. Like a wedding, a vacation, a reunion, or “Swim suit season.” With a good game plan and the will to make a lot of sacrifices (extra workouts, strict diet,..etc.), quick results can be achieved. The pattern for most of these clients however, is that once their event is over, all of their results start to go away pretty quickly too. Why? Because all of their motivation to get fit was centered around this one event. They never took the time to look into the future. It’s really simple. Temporary motivation only gives you temporary results. Without the motivation to workout when you don’t feel like it, you won’t do it. When the going gets tough you have to know why you’re making sacrifices and doing the work. It is our goal to help everyone who walks in the door Make Fitness A Priority for the rest of their life.

At Priority Fitness, we believe that a personal trainers true purpose is to help their clients Make Fitness A Priority for the rest of their life! By helping our clients dig a little deeper to really understand their “Why”, we give them long lasting motivation to succeed. We help you realize that no matter what obstacles or challenges you face, you can still make fitness a priority in your life right now, and If you choose to do that your life will be better!

Make Fitness a Priority

How to Win the Fight Against Your Excuses

If I asked you what are your top priorities in life, how would you answer? I think most people would answer by saying family and career. Everyone sees health and fitness as something that is important, but we always seem to put it off until later. We all have obstacles in our lives that we use as excuses as to why we can’t make our own health a priority at the moment. We use these obstacles as validation to ourselves that it is just not in the cards for us to get in shape right now. Our fitness is always the thing we plan to get to later – you know, when we have more time.

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Chad Austin
Chad AustinFounder
Chad is the Owner of Priority Fitness in Overland Park, KS. He is the Best Selling Author of the book, “Make Fitness A Priority: How to win the fight against your excuses”. Chad is the co-founder of Be Fit…For Life~Johnson County, (A group for all fitness levels lead by Fitness Professionals).

He was voted a top 10 personal trainer in Kansas City by Thumbtack Professionals in 2015 & 2016. Featured in KC Fitness Magazine as one of the Faces Shaping KC in 2013 & 2014. Chad was also a candidate for the LLS (Leukemia & Lymphoma Society) Man & Woman Of The Year Fundraiser in 2016.