A Letter To My Obstacles

A Letter To My Obstacles... There is no doubt that you are the favorite in this competition, and I am the underdog.  You are a proven champion, and most people will bet on you.  You can be very intimidating if I allow you to be.  Just like Muhammad Ali, you have the ability to beat many of your opponents before the match even starts.  I know I can’t ignore you.  I know you will not just go away.  You are what stands between me and [...]

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I’m Officially An Author!

I'm officially an Author! I'm officially an author!  My book is now live on amazon.  My book is currently listed as $9.99, but it will be free to download tomorrow and Thursday!  If you have already read my pdf copy, and are ready to leave me a review, you can do that now.  You don't have to download the book to leave a review.  Here is a quick video to explain how you can give me a quick review now... Leave me Review your Book without [...]

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It All Started By Making Fitness A Priority!

It all started by Making Fitness A Priority! Hello Everyone!  Feels like I have been MIA for awhile now.  Actually this is my first newsletter this year!  To say that I have been up to a lot since my last newsletter would be an understatement.  I ran a marathon, completed my second Worlds Toughest Mudder, opened my own personal training studio, and just finished my first book!  We have a lot to catch up on, but for now I want to tell you about my [...]

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Are you mentally ready to overcome the most frustrating obstacles?

Are you mentally ready to overcome the most frustrating obstacles? I love doing obstacle races for both the physical and mental training that they provide.  All of us face our own Obstacles on a regular basis.  Everyday we are tested with different challenges.  When life gets challenging it is up to us on how we respond.  We can either give up or keep fighting.  I believe that every time you overcome an obstacle you become stronger. Some obstacles are challenging physically, but all of them [...]

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We Grow When We Face Challenges

We Grow When We Face Challenges! We don't grow when things are easy we grow when we face challenges.  Join us on May 16th for our second Warrior Challenge (Obstacle Course). This Warrior Challenge will include a brand new course design with brand new obstacles/challenges!  If you missed the first warrior challenge we did on April 4th, you can watch it here: Warrior Challenge

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Failing At Worlds Toughest Mudder Made Me Tougher!

Failing At Worlds Toughest Mudder Made Me Tougher! In June of 2014, I made the commitment to compete at World’s Toughest Mudder!  Over the past few years I had gotten hooked on obstacle races.  After completing 3 regular tough mudder’s I decided it was time to step it up a notch!  The worlds toughest mudder course was set up a little differently than all regular tough mudders.  All the tough mudders I had completed in the past, were approximately 11 miles long with around 18 [...]

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The Best Version Of Myself

The Best Version Of Myself Whenever a foot compares itself to a yard it always comes up short! This is a line that I heard on the 90's sitcom Home Improvement.  It was said by Wilson, Tim Allan's wise next door neighbor.  Wilson had a lot of great one-liners in the shows history, but I think this was him at his best.  We compare ourselves to other people all of the time, and it is never a good idea.  It is our competitive nature though, [...]

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