Boot Camp classes are designed to increase your level of fitness and put you on your way to a healthy, active lifestyle. Workouts consist of functional strength training, plyometric and body weight exercises, endurance training and a whole lot more! Training is varied, so your body is always challenged. If you’re looking for the optimal mix of strength training, conditioning, toning and cardio, Boot Camp workouts are the answer!

No two classes are the same. A fresh and exciting mix of movements and workouts keeps you energized and on track. Benefits of Boot Camp include losing weight, building lean and defined muscles, and increasing endurance.

Boot Camp is for men and women of all skill levels and physical conditions. People of all ages, shapes and sizes are welcomed. Our instructors work with individuals to ensure you are challenged at the appropriate level. Whether you’re looking to lose a few pounds, strengthen and tone, or simply maintain a high level of fitness, Boot Camp is for you. Boot Camp is the perfect balance of fun and exciting fitness challenges that will take your fitness to a new level.