Are You Ready to Win the Fight Against Your Excuses and Make Yourself A Priority?

Everyone sees health and fitness as something that is important, but we always seem to put it off until later. We all have obstacles in our lives that we use as excuses as to why we can’t make our own health a priority at the moment. The good news is anyone can learn to make fitness a priority in their lives. All you have to do is simply make a decision to do it. It won’t always be easy, but it will be worth it.

Chad’s presentations will teach you:

  • How to Overcome Obstacles that are preventing you from starting your fitness journey.

  • How to Change Your Mindset and discover your “Why.”

  • How to Hold Yourself Accountable to a fitness plan that best fits you.

  • How to make healthy Lifestyle Changes and learn easy to follow Healthy Guidelines.

  • How to become a Donut Slayer.

  • How to Set Yourself Up For Success at the beginning of each week.

  • How to Break Through Plateaus when you hit them.

What People Are Saying

“I really enjoyed Chad’s new book, Make Fitness a Priority. His straight-forward, motivational approach helps the reader overcome their excuses and gives them a no-nonsense plan to succeed. I highly recommend this book!”

“Chad says exactly what everyone needs to hear that fitness and exercise should be and can be a priority in everyone’s lives.”

“Chad Austin is an experienced personal trainer who is well familiar with the pitfalls of short term gain and motivational loss in most clients who start an exercise regime. “Make Fitness a Priority” made me smile, because I’m a personal trainer myself and yes, what he tells you in his book is what fitness professionals tell their clients daily. In his book, he will speak to you like the personal trainer you’ve meant to hire but couldn’t afford. He’ll teach you what you need to know about exercise to be successful, and his accountability log will help you stay on track with your exercise and nutritional goals. Most of all, he’ll give you the motivational support of a good personal trainer, doing away with the mental obstacles to sustained exercise habits. His “no excuse” mind set towards fitness might just be what you needed to get going. If you’ve meant to get a trainer, try his book.”

“Here’s what I really like about this book. It’s a quick read, to the point, kick you in the pants. Get out the door and get moving. Stop making excuses and go run in the rain. Someone had to tell us we are getting in our own way. Thanks Chad for being the gentle but firm wise one.”