3 Options To Help You Make Fitness a Priority

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Make Fitness a Priority Training Program

6-Week Make Fitness a Priority Challenge

Make Fitness a Priority

Each week you will go through 2 resistance training workouts that are ready for you in my very user friendly ap. (Every exercise has its own demonstration video)

*You have 2 program options: Gym Version or Home Version*

The 6-week workbook, and your own copy of Chad’s best selling book, “Make Fitness A Priority: How to win the fight against your excuses”

Make Fitness a Priority

Along with the 2 resistance Training workouts, you will also be given instructions for 2 cardio workouts each week. (12 total)

The Make Fitnesss A Priority Training Program.
(choice of home version or gym version)

1 Live virtual bootcamp each week lead by Chad Austin. (Replays available)

This challenge is designed to be the first 6-weeks of fitness being a priority in your life, and will help you figure how fitness best fits in your life!

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