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Train With Me Online

I have three 12 week personalized training plans available.  I will design a program that best fits you, and I will keep you accountable to it.  This online training program is the most user friendly program I have ever used.  The app is great, and very easy to use.  Every exercise in each of your workouts has its own video of me demonstrating the exercise. It will feel like I am actually there with you.  I will design the workouts in your program based on your goals, your fitness level, and the equipment you have available to you.  No gym membership? No equipment? It doesn’t matter where you do your workouts or what equipment (if any) you have available to you, I can accommodate you. All of your workouts will be scheduled for you each week, and you will even have the ability to move your workouts whenever you face conflicts in your schedule.  (So much for the “I don’t have time” excuse) You will get reminders for every workout in your schedule, and I will be notified when you check in or track a workout.  You will be able to keep track of your progress and see results as you go.  Weekly evaluations will result in you developing healthy habits that will help you Make Fitness A Priority!