Personal Training

Personal training is about one thing. Getting you the results you want in a fun and efficient manner. Personal training requires a relationship with a trainer who understands your goals and training requirements that are unique to you. Our personal trainers work with you to develop a personal training plan and then support you every step to make sure you’re successful.

Our approach to personal training is all encompassing. In addition to personalized workouts, we provide nutrition counseling and progress tracking though online tools and mobile apps. We have developed a framework to keep you on track to achieving your goals.

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Small Group Personal Training

Whether you’re trying to lose weight, get in better shape, maintain your existing level of fitness or achieve another goal, the key to any exercise plan is consistency. A small group can help you track your progress and be a lot more fun than exercising by yourself. Small Group Personal Training is an economical alternative to one-on-one personal training with many of the same benefits.

Benefits of Small Group Personal Training include:

  • Motivation, Camaraderie and Fun: Working out alongside someone tends to bring out the competitive spirit. This can often serve as great motivation to push a little harder or move a little faster. And aren’t most experiences better when shared? It’s always fun sympathizing with each other about how sore your glutes are after a particularly challenging set of lunges!
  • Individualized Attention from the Trainer: In Small Group Personal Training, trainers can provide more guidance and encouragement throughout the workout. Additionally, in a small group, trainers can get to know your personal fitness goals and any specific challenges you face to help tailor a routine to meet your individual needs.
  • Greater Sense of Accountability: When you’re a no-show for your nightly date with the treadmill, the treadmill doesn’t care. It doesn’t call you to see what’s going on, and it doesn’t feel bad about being stood up. When you work out alone, there’s nobody to hold you accountable for missing a session or two, or three! Even in group fitness classes, it’s easy to remain anonymous. When you are a part of Small Group Personal Training, your trainer and fellow participants are counting on you to be there. They will call and see what’s going on if you start missing sessions and ultimately hold you accountable!
  • Cost-Effective: Hiring a personal trainer for one-on-one training is not always an option. It is difficult to get individual attention needed to achieve your goals in a group fitness class. Small Group Personal Training is perfect for those looking for a happy medium.

Join an existing group or grab your friends and create your own. Either way, the time to get started is now! If you have questions, please contact us.